Mom Delivers Baby In Bathtub After Hospital Sends Her Home


A couple from Virginia had to give birth to their first child in their bathtub at home after they were sent home when trying to get admitted to a hospital.

The 27-year-old LeeAnn Bienaime went to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth when she had “intense” contractions that matched the signs she’d been told to respond to during birthing classes perfectly.
She told Good Morning America that she was certain that they were just going to be admitted. However, she was in shock when she was told to go home because she was only 2 centimeters dilated, rather than 5 centimeters.

She remembered thinking how would she know if it’s 5 centimeters, knowing that she’s a first-time mom.

However, just a few hours after they got home, she gave birth to baby Joachim. Dad Leo Bienaime, 29, had to help his wife give birth in the tub because it all happened too quickly.
He told GMA that she said that she felt the head and it was like “Oh wow. I’m not tired anymore”.
The baby just “slid out”, the dad caught him and flipped. He then wrapped Joachim in a towel and handed him to her.
The new mom admitted that she was angry at the hospital, and everyone she talked to told her that she shouldn’t have been told to go home.


The dad added that he would never have driven 25 minutes home had he known the drama he was about to go through. He noted that if they could do it again, they would’ve just stayed in the waiting room and not left – they would have even pitched a tent if they had to.
He joked about the first photos of his son and said that everyone they showed them to was like “Wait, why is there shampoo in the background?”

The dad jokingly asked everyone “not to try this at home”.

The hospital has since apologized to the new parents for what happened, and a spokesperson for Naval Medical Center Portsmouth told WTKR that it could not comment on the case because of patient confidentiality rules.