Mom Encourages Her Sons To Carry Emergency Menstrual Products For Female Peers


Being understanding and open-minded about things would make all the difference, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like mensuration. As we all know, this topic is full of stigmas and taboos, so one mother decided to challenge the public and help her sons develop healthy social habits as they grow older.
She suggested that it would be a good idea for them to carry tampons in their backpacks.

The mom shared the story of Micah and Elijah on Facebook, and it immediately went viral.

Tara Epple Ahrens is a blogger and a mom of 4 that recently shared a photo on a private Facebook page called Pantsuit Nation. The photo has since been liked by more than 65k people, and it sees her sons in the shopping aisle for underwear tagging along to buy bras for Tara’s daughters – their little sister.

She also added that both of them carry a tampon and a pad in their backpacks in case one of their female friends needs one. She added that she’s just a mom, trying to erase gender taboos.

The mom explained to her sons that menstruation can be mortifying and even traumatizing, and how much kindness and understanding can help in that situation. She also told them that it’s a natural process that shouldn’t be embarrassing in any way.

She expressed her disappointment with public schools for not having menstrual product dispensers available, and for charging girls if they happened to have one.

Micah, Tara’s son, said that the girls at school seemed embarrassed by him when he told them that he had emergency period products as advised by his mom, but accepted it and came to terms with it.

This is how Facebook reacted to the mom’s powerful and important stoy:

Source: Upworthy