Mom Excludes Black Stepdaughter From Family Photo, Asks If She’s In The Wrong


In a recent post that was shared to the Am I The A-hole subreddit, one story received quite the backlash.
The post was shared by a 32-year-old mom of 4 children, one of which is her husband’s daughter from his previous marriage.

The family went on vacation for the last week of summer, and the mom said that she wanted to take Christmas card photos while they were away. However, she wrote that while her husband Jack is white, his daughter’s mom is black, and the girl,4 is also black. Well, it turns out that the mom doesn’t want her in the family photo because, in her own words, ‘her parents are pretty racist and would make a fuss about it’. So, she turned to Reddit for advice – and it’s safe to say that it didn’t end too well for her.


Well, Reddit agreed on one thing: That the mom is, in fact, the a-hole in this situation. Fellow users pointed out that she’s absolutely in the wrong here, and she should stop protecting racists. As a matter of fact, some suggested she should cut them off completely.

Source: Bored Panda