Mom Gets Slammed For Leaving Her New Baby For 48 Hours To Enjoy Weekend With Friends


Recently I stumbled upon an article about Ashy Bines, a 33-year-old fitness guru from Australia that has received a lot of negative comments after posting that she went out for the weekend to have some fun with her friends and left her baby daughter with her husband.

After posting about it on her IG account she received а lot of negative comments and also a few private messages from people asking her how she could leave her baby and go out to spend a weekend with her girlfriends. I mean, it’s not like she left her alone, the girl’s father was taking care of her along with their 7-yerar-old son, but still a lot of people were being negative.


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There is certainly a lot of joy involved in parenting, but it’s also common for parents to experience anxiety, confusion, and depression, basically feel overwhelmed with negative emotions. So it’s very important to go back doing what we loved and take time to tend to ourselves. In fact doing fun activities alone with friends or with our spouse can be the key to parental happiness.


According to many parenting coaches the mom should not be criticized for her actions because the baby was safe and very well cared for by her husband. Also, it’s very important for parents to not forget what it means to be themselves and do what makes them happy.

At the end of the day we have to respect the way other people choose to live their lives.