Mom Giving Birth Has No Idea Just How Amazing Her Corgis Are, Then Photographer Shows Her These Pics


When Brooke Ellington of Midland, Texas gave birth to her son Boyd two years ago, her loving corgi, Ryder, was by her side for her entire labor and home birth. The photos were captured by Kristin Ann Photo, a local photographer who specializes in birth and newborn photos.

She explained:
With my first birth I didn’t have a photographer and so wish I had those memories to look at and share with my children. When I had Kristin photograph my second birth, it was like she just blended in and was a part of the family. This time with my third birth, I couldn’t imagine her not being there. She was such a calm presence and was so sweet with my kids and my corgi. I will always cherish the way she captured this moment of the birth of my surprise little baby girl, Berkeley Sue.

Brooke didn’t realize just how present Ranger was until she saw the pictures.