Mom Lets Friend Breastfeed Her Baby When She’s Had Too Many Drinks


A video that was recently shared on TikTok sparked a heated debate on childcare – although it showed that there are most certainly more ways to care for and feed your child.

Namely, Grace, who’s behind the @gregariously_grace TikTok account, recently shared a video of her and her best friend sitting on a bed together, holding Grace’s baby. The two were pregnant back-to-back (which we know from the videos they shared), and they both had children who are approximately of the same age. The two new moms decided to breastfeed the babies, but recently, her friend’s child was out of town with family. So, Grace’s friend was becoming engorged without being able to breastfeed her baby. And, at the same time, Grace had a few drinks, so they decided that Grace’s friend would feed Grace’s baby. Win-win for all, right?

Well, not quite. Although many people loved the idea, others noted that they would never let anyone else feed their baby. Moreover, some people commented that the mom was in the wrong for drinking alcohol while she was breastfeeding. Nevertheless, we’ll let you watch the video for yourself first.


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After Grace saw some of the more skeptical comments, she decided to share another video of her friend breastfeeding her baby again. In the video, she explained that it was a unique bonding experience for the three of them. And, more importantly, it was a practical solution: it was helping her friend avoid becoming engorged, and at the same time, she was feeding Grace’s baby.

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What do you think about this? Do you love it as much as we do? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Comicsands