Mom-Of-Three Fakes Depression And Asks People To Donate For Her Bum Lift Surgery


The 37-year-old Carla Bellucci has been branded “Britain’s most hated woman” after she criticized the NHS for not offering her a free bum lift surgery after she said that she needs it for her mental health.
She had previously hit headlines when she admitted that she faked depression to get the NHS to fund her nose job worth £7,000 ($8,400).

She is now crowdfunding for a £6,000 ($7,230) bum lift surgery.


Carla is a mom of three, and she told the Mirror that she needs it for her mental health, her self-esteem, and it’s just something has needs to do and can’t pay for it.

She also noted that transgenders get operations “left, right and center” from the NHS, but they won’t pay for her bum lift.

So, she now relies on the great British public to donate.


The mom of three told the Daily Star that she is willing to do “whatever it takes” to achieve her goal. Unfortunately for her, though, her crowdfunding page raised just £10 so far.

The former model recently came to the public when she said that she would encourage her 14-year-old daughter to have plastic surgery as well because she is “not the most academic of girls” and she will need surgery because “ugly people get nowhere these days”.