Mom Shares How Smoking Weed Every Day Makes Her A Better Mother


Caitlin Fladager is a 23-year-old mom-of-two that lives in Vancouver, Canada. She has just recently revealed that her nightly pre-bed recreational marijuana habit helps her relax and makes has a better parent, and she has since received praise from other parents who agree that smoking weed to relax is “equivalent to drinking wine”.

The mom posted on her Instagram account with over 300k followers that “it’s okay to smoke weed after your kids go to bed”.
Recreational and medicinal marijuana use is legal in Canada, and she shared the benefits of smoking every night. They include coming off her antidepressants, reaching a healthier weight, and enjoying better sleep.

Credit: @caitlinfladager

Caitlin believes that “you can still be a kicka** mom and smoke weed”, and she added that weed is her glass of wine, or her can of beer.

She also expressed how funny it is that marijuana is often frowned upon among parents, while no one looks twice when a mom says that she enjoys wine.

Her post has been liked around 30k times, and her honest approach to life as a young parent has helped her build an online parenting community.

Caitlin gave birth to her first child, her daughter Adriana, when she was 18, and she also has a son, Jack, aged four. She and her husband Noah have been together for 10 years, but the mom wrote on her post that she has never been the most patient with her kids. Weed makes her a better mom, however, and she says that she gets a good night’s sleep after she smokes, so she wakes up well-rested and with a more clear mind. To add to that, her anxiety has been so much better since she started smoking.

The young mom clarifies, though, that she only smokes when her children are in bed.

Her honest Instagram post resonated with hundreds of fellow parents, and many others shared their experiences of enjoying weed in their down-time.
Of course, we’re well aware that smoking weed is not legal everywhere, and her post may have had a very different reaction if she lived outside of Canada.