Mom Shuts Down Selfish Anti-vaxxers Once and For All, After Her Daughter Ends Up In ER


Camille has been in the medical field for 10 years and after a trip to the ER with her 11-year-old daughter Ashley, Camille decided to use her experience and passion for the subject to write a Facebook plea to all anti-vaxxers.

Ashley Echol’s ER trip came after she was exposed to child with chickenpox, a disease that Ashley is not properly able to fight herself. After receiving a kidney transplant at age two, Ashley now lives with compromised immunity. Doctors tried to give her a chickenpox vaccine in the years after her transplant, but she could not get the second one, as she was unable to build up an immunity and, instead, would start to contract the disease.

Camille was told to take her daughter to the ER to receive immunoglobulin injections, which cost $5,000 and cannot be given as an outpatient treatment. She did this, but because the incubation period of chickenpox is 7 to 21 days, it was still possible that Ashley could get very sick. Fortunately, Ashley did not get worse after the injections, and Camille has since announced that she is home and doing well.

The post received over 112,000 shares and sparked a large debate in the comment section. Not shying away from the backlash, Camille decided to address some of the questions she had received, as well as clarifying the intentions behind the post to begin with. She states that she was not saying she knew that the child who gave her daughter chickenpox was unvaccinated, but that this was not the point: