Mom Starts Living Her Best Life After She Dropped Her Daughter Off At College

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Most people are full of tears and worry when they send their kids to college for the first time. Yes, it’s really an emotional time to see your spawn leave the family nest, but this mom doesn’t look too bothered about it, as she had more fun at the freshmen orientation than her daughter.

The 18-year-old Avery Leilani Foster had no idea that her mom was about to become an Internet sensation when she dropped her off for Texas State University’s freshman orientation. However, after her mom left and the teen was on her own, she received some pretty interesting texts and photos from her mom.

This is what Avery shared:


This is absolutely everything, and Twitter couldn’t agree more!


Avery’s post was liked more than 435k times, and many people loved the photos.

However, it turns out that the school was holding a photo contest for parents on the football field while the team was practicing nearby, and Avery’s mom walked up to them and asked them to take the photos.

They were here for it, obviously, and the photos turned out to become an Internet sensation.
Yeah, as a teen, this would have mortified us, but as moms, this can only make us proud.

Mom Drops Daughter Off At College Orientation, Starts Living Her Best Life