Moms Get Called Out For Using The #BoyMom Hashtag


The hashtag #BoyMom is a very popular one, and statistics say that there are more than 14 million posts using the tag. It often shows cute babies or little boys doing some ‘boyish’ things, so the content seems absolutely harmless. However, some people argue that the use of the hashtag is questionable because it divides moms who raise boys from other moms and promotes the gender binary, thus reinforcing gender stereotypes.

Someone decided to ask the Parenting subreddit what’s the difference between a Boymom and ‘just a mom’, and the thread quickly sparked a heated conversation. To bring the conversation closer to you, we’ve selected some of the most prominent answers and you can check out what people think of the hashtag. In addition, you can tell us what do you think of these hashtags in the comments section.


This is the post that sparked the conversation:

This is what Reddit had to say about it:

Source: Bored Panda