Mom’s Terrifying Story Is Why You Should Never Let Friends Kiss Your Baby


Oliver Miller’s mother Lucy Kendall, 23, rushed her 11-day-old son to hospital when he started to refuse milk and arch his back in pain.

The infant, from Hull, was immediately transferred to the high dependency unit where he was given oxygen, and a feeding line and numerous cannulas were inserted into him.

After undergoing multiple tests, doctors diagnosed Oliver with neonatal herpes eight days later, which they suspect he caught after being kissed or touched by someone with a cold sore.

Lucy’s story went viral, with some expressing shock at what happened – and others sharing their own experiences with children contracting the herpes simplex virus.

Thanks to Lucy’s responsiveness, Oliver made a full recovery and has returned to being a full-time bundle of cuteness. We appreciate her parenting skills and willingness to share something so personal as a warning to others. Keep all hands, feet, and objects to yourself, friends – especially if you’re around a lil’ bitty baby.