Mother-In-Law Makes Pregnant Woman Sleep On The Floor, Son Is Furious


Being in a relationship and knowing that your partner has your back no matter what is priceless. This is especially important when pregnant, because it’s truly reassuring to know that your unborn baby (and yourself) are loved and cared for at all times.

Well, one Reddit user recently shared a story of how his mother treated his girlfriend, what he did about it, and whether his response was justified. Redditor Roseonthefloor (obviously a throwaway account) took it to the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit to ask if he was in the wrong for getting mad at his mom for making his pregnant girlfriend sleep on the floor. He wrote that his girlfriend, Rose, and his mom seemed to get along just fine until she announced that she was pregnant. However, something switched in his mom, and he opened up about the many unnecessary comments his mom regularly throws at Rose.


We’ll let you check out the story in its full below, and decide who’s the a-hole here.

The majority of Reddit voted that the father-to-be is absolutely not the a-hole here, and he’s not in the wrong in the slightest.

Source: Bored Panda