Mother’s Facebook Post Blasts ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ After Her Baby Could Be Dead In A Week


The mother who is “angry as hell” with anti-vaccination movement

A mother in Canada who wrote a scathing critique of parents who refuse vaccinations has had her Facebook post shared more than a quarter of a million times.

Jennifer Hibben-White got a call from local health officials outside Toronto, Canada, with news that would frighten any parent: she and her 15-day-old son had been exposed to measles during a routine check-up at a doctor’s office. Seven cases of measles have been reported in the Toronto area including the case of a fully vaccinated man who came down with the disease

After receiving the call, Hibben-White wrote an emotional post on Facebook – targeting not the man with measles but rather parents who don’t vaccinate their children: “I won’t get angry at or blame the person in the waiting room. I would have likely done the same thing … you get sick, you go to the doctor. I have no idea what their story is and I will never know. But I do know one thing: If you have chosen to not vaccinate yourself or your child, I blame you.”

“And I’m angry,” she continued. “Angry as hell.”

In the post, Hibben-White also mentioned the death of another of her children from a different disease.

“You know what vaccines protect your children from? Pain. Suffering. Irreparable harm. Death,” she wrote. “And you would be the first to line up if you had an inkling of what the death of a child feels like … the fact is, there was no vaccine for [my daughter]. Not for her illness. And she died.”

Jennifer revealed how she didn’t leave the house during the week-long ordeal, and in order to celebrate the good news, the mother took baby Griffin and daughter Aurelia, 3-and-a-half, for a much-needed walk straight to the Pickering Town Centre. She continued; “I just needed to walk. I needed to stretch my legs. I needed to get a Tim Hortons steeped tea. It was just a really nice break from our last week.”

We wish the family all the best for the future.