Natalie Portman Will Be Female Thor, And Women Are Thrilled


The makers of the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder announced recently that Natalie Portman will be back for the fourth Thor movie. However, they also said that she will be taking on the mythical hammer herself and have godlike powers.

The news that Portman’s character, Jane Foster, will be back as a female Thor was announced at San Diego Comic-Con.

Portman will star alongside Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie as well.
Marvel fans knew that Thompson will be back as the king of Asgard, but she broke the news that she would be looking for a queen at Comic-Con, which makes her potentially the first openly gay superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is how Portman reacted to her new role on Instagram:

Portman joked that people should remember the photo as the “before” photo, as she will get jacked soon for her new superhero role.

Very few details have been revealed about whether Marvel will take the story that appeared in comic books in 2014, where Thor loses his power and renounces his name and Foster picks up the Mjolnir hammer and becomes the Goddess of Thunder, taking Thor’s name.

However, Portman mentioned in her Instagram post that she was thrilled to become “female Thor”, and many people got ecstatic about what it symbolizes.