New Mom Feeling Grateful By Praising Her Postpartum Body While Wearing Adult Diaper


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“My Postpartum look: Greasy hair, adult diapers, chapped lips, a glowing smile, love in my eyes, a beaming heart, and a body that gave me the most beautiful gift, my baby boy,” Grimaldi continued in the body-positive post. “I’ve never been more grateful, more proud, and more confident in my skin — thank you body for all that you can do and continue to do. For all that you KNOW to do.”

Giving a birth can be the most beautiful, rewarding thing ever, but often we don’t see the “messy” part. It’s very rare to see a full picture of the whole “situation”, often just a snap of a mom cuddling her baby.

Vanessa Grimaldi celebrated the birth of her son by posting a beautiful black-and-white video of herself and her infant. After watching the video it was so refreshing to see the way she described her postpartum look as her most favorite outfit ever. As you can see the magical outfit consists of a sport bra and an adult diaper.



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The happy couple announced the birth of their son few weeks ago and they’ve also revealed that Grimaldi had to undergo a C-section because her water broke while she was 41 weeks and a day into her pregnancy.

Her experience sends out a beautiful message to all new moms to not take themselves seriously after childbirth and simply enjoy their bodies and every aspect of bringing a new life in the sun.