New Weight Watchers Diet App For Kids Gets Heavy Criticism


Being a kid is hard enough by itself these days, and with all the Instagram induced anxiety and shooting drills, it seems like kids have a lot more on their hands than the regular ol’ kid stuff. The last things today’s kids need is another thing to be worried about.

Meet Weight Watchers’ new app Kurbo, on which children as young as eight can count calories on their phones and compare their bodies to others on Instagram.
I mean, have eight-year-olds learned to hate their bodies yet?

The company says that the app is a “scientifically-proven behavior change program designed to help kids and teens aged 8-17 reach a healthier weight”. However, mental health experts have called it a complete disaster.

Adolescent mental health advocate Whitney Fisch decided to write a post on Facebook in which she asked the company to shut the app down.

She explained that teaching children to track their food intake while being indoctrinated into diet culture is “begging for an eating disorder diagnosis and is wildly inappropriate and disgusting”.

Many mental health experts and eating disorder survivors are against the app as well, and they shared their opinion on Twitter: