Nike Faces Backlash After Featuring Woman With Underarm Hair In Ad


What many people fail to realize is that all women have body hair!

Yes, even the Hollywood stars. It grows on our arms, legs, chins, upper arms, breasts, underarms, etc, and it’s as natural as body hair on the male’s body. However, this fact has caused some serious grief in the comments when Nike posted a photo on Instagram a few days ago.

Nike posted a photo featuring Nigerian-American singer Annahstasia for an ad of the brand, and she is modeling a Nike sports bra. She stands in a power pose against a white background, and her right arm is draped over her head. It was what is under that arm that caused controversy: her completely natural body hair, just like all women have.

You know where this is going, right? We, women, face a lot of pressure from society to meet the beauty standards, and one of them is shaving almost all of our body hair. As you know, most women have their underarms to meet these standards, and it’s very unusual to see a woman with visible underarm hair modeling it for a popular brand on Instagram.

However, that doesn’t make body hair any less natural and normal, if you ask me. The thing is that Instagram commenters didn’t feel the same way (well, at least some of them), and they immediately started throwing tantrums about this, criticizing both the singer and Nike. How dare they show a woman without modifications?

In fact, there were even women commenting that women should always be body hair-free:


We don’t even have to say it, but here it is: Annahstasia looks absolutely amazing in the photo, and there’s no need to do something to your body just to meet the “beauty standards”!