Nike Released Women’s World Cup Ad That Will Give You Chills


You’ve probably seen, heard, or rewatched the Women’s World Cup finals that took place on Sunday, so you probably know that the U.S. team won 2-0 in a game against the Netherlands.

In fact, the U.S. team went undefeated during the World Cup championship, and they won their fourth championship title.

In order to celebrate the win and remind the world that women’s rights are everyone’s rights, Nike released an ad just a few hours after the game.

This is what Nike wrote next to the one-minute black and white video of the team:

“This team wins. Everyone wins.

Victory is when we all win. It’s only crazy until you do it. #justdoit @USWNT”

What a powerful video!

More than 1 billion people watched this year’s Women’s World Cup, which makes their win even more important in the equal pay fight.
The USWNT brought forth a lawsuit earlier this year because the women’s team is being paid much less than the men’s team. In some cases, women earn just 38% of pay per game, compared to their male counterparts.


And for the people that say that if the women’s team brought in as much money as the men’s team, they’d receive equal pay, Wall Street Journal says that women’s soccer games generated $50.8 million in revenue from 2016 to 2018, compared to the $49.9 million brought in by the US men’s soccer games.

The commercial also explains that the USWNT serves as an inspiration for young people all over the world, be it boys or girls, and adds that women will conquer much more than just the soccer field.