Nurse’s Devastating Before-And-After Pandemic Photo Show The Reality Of Treating Covid Patients For Months


There have been more than 12.5 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the US, and they resulted in 258,000 people not being with us anymore.
Nurses and doctors have been working tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic, and a Tennessee nurse recently decided to share a truly eye-opening before and after photos of the impact these last eight months have had on her.

She’s just one of the thousands medical workers that are continuously working on the front lines of the pandemic. We see the statistics of people infected with the virus every day, but we rarely hear anything about the people that save countless lives working on the wards over the past year.

This is the tweet Kathryn shared:

Kathryn’s initial tweet was liked almost 1 million times, and thousands of people reshared it.

The 27-year-old nurse told Metro about her experience treating Covid-19 patients after her tweet went viral. The first photo shows her just after she graduated, and the second photo showed her at the end of her shift.

Her cycle consists of three 12-and-a-half hour shifts and three days off.