Obama’s Photographer Trolled Trump By Showing Him How To Treat A First Lady On Her Birthday


Obama-era White House photographer Pete Souza doesn’t often pass up on an opportunity to troll President Donald Trump. And so it was business as usual on Thursday when Trump revealed during a wild “Fox & Friends” interview that he was too busy “to be running out looking for presents” to celebrate first lady Melania Trump’s 48th birthday.

In a shade-throwing response, Souza posted this 2013 snap of former President Barack Obama, singing happy birthday to former first lady Michelle Obama:

“He always gave her a present too,” Souza captioned the image.

In recent months, Souza has used the photographs he took during the Obama administration to mock Trump over his use of “a big word,” the way in which former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired and to question Trump’s claim he’d have probably “run in” to confront the Parkland, Florida, school shooter.

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