One of the Smallest Babies in the World to Ever Survive is Finally Going Home


This tiny newborn weighing just 400 grams is thought to be one of the smallest babies ever to survive.

Manushi was born 12 weeks prematurely after her mum started suffering from complications, and when she arrived her foot was the size of her dad’s thumbnail.

She tipped the scales at just 14oz – about as heavy as a big bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. But her parents are now celebrating after the miracle baby beat the odds to survive, and she has finally been discharged from hospital aged six months. Doctors say Manushi, born on June 15 at a hospital in India, is progressing well – her brain is structurally normal and her eyes are developing normally.

Her mum Seeta, 48, who needed an emergency c-section, and 50-year-old Giriraj, said she was their real-life miracle. They said: ‘She’s just fought and fought and fought against all the odds, but she’s made it.’

Doctors decided to take action when Seeta’s blood pressure rocketing, meaning Manushi was in danger. When she was born at 28 weeks, Manushi was just 8.6in long, was not breathing, and had underdeveloped organs. But at seven weeks old she was able to take milk and now weighs 5.2lbs.

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