Pamela Anderson Victim-Blamed Harvey Weinstein Accusers, Then Refused To Apologize


Pamela Anderson has shockingly claimed that women should have had the ‘common sense’ not to enter hotel rooms with Harvey Weinstein.

The Baywatch bombshell has been accused of victim-blaming after claiming that the women accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault ‘knew what they were getting into’.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on NBC’s Today Show, the 50-year-old discussed her own experience of childhood sexual abuse before going on to discuss the current allegations sweeping Hollywood.

Pamela told Megyn: ‘I learned never to put myself in those situations again. And when I came to Hollywood, of course, I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that make absolutely no sense. Just common sense.

Anderson published an essay on Saturday in which she responded to some of the criticism about her comments. She called Weinstein a “sexist pig and a bully,” but did not apologize for her victim-blaming remarks:

So this is not victim blaming but looking at the issue from the angle of women being aware of certain problems and how to spot them and fight them. It is totally hypocritical to ignore this. And it is not helping anyone to ignore the realities in the society we live in. The causes of the problem and solutions are complex and women who do not live in the utopian bubble must be aware of what is going on. And that is what I have highlighted.

I do NOT wish apologise for what I said.

And will not get coerced into apology.

This exactly what I am saying is a problem with the contemporary “victimhoood feminism”! The people who subscribe to that notion tolerate and actually expect women to talk about the stories of abuse and experiences with creeps.

But they would NOT tolerate a woman with her own opinion. So pathetic.

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