Parents “Blindsided” After Their Autistic Boy Gets “Most Annoying Student” Award From Ed Teacher


Akalis Castejon is a non-verbal Indiana 11-year-old boy with autism whose classmates at Bailly Preparatory Academy, Indiana, were receiving all kinds of motivating awards from their special education teacher at the end of the school year.

The other kids got awards like “Funniest”, and “Most Improved”, but Akalis won a very discouraging award: “Most Annoying Male”.

His parents, Rick and Estella Castejon, have since spoken out and they say that this is public mistreatment against their son. They described that the kid sometimes behaves in a certain way, like rocking back and forth, and shaking, but special ed teachers at the school should probably be familiar with these traits and understand them, instead of calling them annoying.

Estella told WLS7 that she didn’t want to cause a scene with other parents there, so she left the award on the table and tried walking away. The teacher then came to her and told her Akalis forgot his award.
Rick said that his son was excited to get an award, but thankfully he doesn’t know what it means.

Akalis was just excited to get a gold star that was shiny, but his mother said that she returned to the school the next day and demanded an apology. She never got one, though, from either the teacher or the school.
The incident was acknowledged by the school district, and they wrote in a statement that they do not condone with this type of behavior and will continue to put the safety and well-being of their students first.

They also said that disciplinary action was taken against the personnel involved, but they would not disclose the teacher’s identity.