Pastor Holds In-person Services And Claims His Parishioners Would Sacrifice Their Lives For Faith


Reverent Tony Spell is an evangelical pastor of Life Tabernacle Church, located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and he is refusing to abide by Louisiana’s ban on large public gatherings and he continues to hold in-person church services. He suggested that his parishioners would not mind catching the virus and even passing for their faith.

Rev. Spell is now facing six misdemeanor charges after Gov. John Bel Edwards issued orders to stop the spread of the novel virus. Each of the counts carries a maximum penalty of six months jail time and a $500 fine.

As reported, there were hundreds of parishioners at Spell’s church on the Palm Sunday services that were held last weekend, and local police said that the church sent out 26 buses to pick them up.

Rev. Spell shrugged off critics who say that he’s putting his parishioners at risk of contracting COVID-19 in an interview for TMZ, and he said that the Bible teaches us to be absent from our bodies as to be present with the Lord.

“Like any zealot or like any pure religious person, passing looks to them like a welcome friend. True Christians do not mind dying. They fear living in fear.” – he further added.

Rev. Spell has argued that he’s being persecuted for his faith, and he compared what most Americans are living at the moment to “tyranny” and “prison”.

Check out the full interview with Rev. Spell below: