People Are Making Fun Of This ‘Baby Vest’ That Nurses In Hospital Are Supposed To Wear In Case Of A Fire


What’s the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to saving a life, especially the life of an infant? It’s probably fashion, right?

Neonatal staff members in hospitals must do everything they can to protect the young patients if there’s a fire blazing in the hospital, and in order to facilitate this, there’s an item called a “baby evacuation vest”.

Sara is a union member for the United Scenic Artists of America Local 829, which means that she works in the theater and has seen a pretty wide range of looks, which also means that she knows a good costume when she sees one.

The photo she recently shared on Twitter is not a costume, though. It’s a baby evacuation vest, and she only had one word for it: “dude”.


The “Safe Babies” best is a part of a line called Advanced Egress Solutions and it allows infants to be transported safely during an emergency.

The vest is flame-retardant, and it can accommodate up to six babies.
The nurse has to fill it up, put it on, and walk out the door, having free hands to do other tasks if necessary.

This is what people thought about this good looking, yet practical item: