People Beg Woman To Leave Husband After She Writes ‘AITA’ Post About His Behavior


Even though there’s a common notion that ‘people never change’, we believe it’s not true. People change all the time, but it’s usually over time. However, the so-called ‘antagonist’ of the story we’re about to present changed completely after he and his wife got married.
Redditor u/aitalightswater recently shared that her husband who quit his job after they got married and decided to take the family’s finances into his own hands.

However, she shared that he keeps the lights on and water running in the house all day, every day. Is he trying to prove a point? We’ll probably never know, but the story is rather scary!
The woman decided to take it to the court of Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong to call him out on his behavior, and Reddit had a lot to say about it!


Check out the story for yourself below and decide if she’s in the wrong or not.

Expectedly, Reddit thought that the woman is absolutely not in the wrong, and the only a-hole here is her lousy husband:

Source: Bored Panda