People Praise Dad For Allowing His Son To Stay With Him After Quitting His $45k Job


We live in the day and age where (almost) everyone seems to have figured it out (or at least that’s what they show on social media), but in reality, it’s incredibly hard to figure life out.

This was further fueled by the global pandemic, and the work-life balance was disrupted for millions of people around the globe. To add to that, many people have been fired, even more, quit their jobs, and we’re in chaos that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetimes.

If you’ve ever quit your job, you know that it can be a scary prospect. Thankfully for this man, however, it all turned out just fine – especially after his parents reached out to help him out of a tight spot. The parents watched their son’s job drain the life out of him, so when he reached out to them for help, they offered him accommodation and support.


The story was shared by the dad on the popular subReddit AntiWork, and it immediately went viral, racking up more than 72,000 upvotes. We invite you to check it out for yourself below and discuss your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.

Source: Upworthy