People React Furiously To The ‘Seaside Wedding Of Middle-Aged Man And 12-Year-Old’


Most people have at least heard about child brides in passing through some kind of social media campaign. And the idea is awful. But a new video produced by an organization called KAFA, which translates to “enough” in Arabic, is fighting the practice of marrying little girls to much older men by giving the world a hard look at what a child bride looks like on her wedding day. The intent of the video, which has gone viral, is to make people wake up and acknowledge that child marriage is still prevalent. In the video, a middle-aged man poses as a groom taking seaside wedding photos with his new bride — a beautiful little girl only 12 years old. This shocking video of a child bride in Lebanon is something every mother needs to see and get very angry about.

In Lebanon, girls as young as 9 years old can be married off to an older man with their parents’ permission. Girls as young as 14 are legally allowed to marry without their parents’ permission. KAFA wants new legislation passed that would require marriages involving children to be overseen by a judge, instead of a religious tribunal, but so far the bill has been ignored in the Lebanese parliament.

As the mother of a daughter, it’s the reaction of a mother who just happened to be jogging by the couple in the video that moved me to tears.

“Where is your mother?” she asks the girl, panic obviously coming over her. “I am taking her with me! We are all going with her. How can I leave? She is like my daughter.”