Period Products Will Be Free In Scotland To Everyone In Need


Scotland has now officially become the first country in the world to make all period products free to everyone that needs them.

The Period Products Free Provision Bill was unanimously passed by the members of the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday. The bill was first introduced back in 2017, and it was finally passed now.

Although the menstrual products will not be universally free, people will be able to get them legally for free if they need them, while the country will compensate the providers.

According to early estimates, the scheme will cost the country around $44 million per year.

Universities, secondary schools, and colleges will be obliged to make the products available in all relevant restrooms, and ministers will be allowed to designate other public institutions to offer the products.

The bill was initially introduced by Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon, and she said that it was a proud day for Scotland.