Pete Buttigieg Brilliantly Explains What ‘Late-Term Abortion’ Is All About


Late-term abortions were brought up many times during this election season, and it’s Donald Trump that makes the outrageous claim that Democrats want to take the lives of babies.

In reality, late-term abortion is nowhere near to what Trump claims (surprise, surprise?), and his claims misrepresent what pro-choice advocates are actually asking for.

Pete Buttigieg, who has become a media representative of Joe Biden, brilliantly addressed the issue of late-term abortion in a Fox News town hall, and his speech is so powerful that we invite you to have a look at it right away.

This is what the pro-choice stance is all about! Do you really want the government to be involved in your most difficult medical and moral dilemma and decision? Most certainly not!

Thank you Mr. Buttigieg for clarifying that!

The decision of an individual’s pregnancy shouldn’t be made by the state and the government officials, but only by medical professionals and the families involved!