Photographer Charges $100 Extra to Take Photos of Plus-Size Models


Model and agency owner Megan Mesveskas, who represents plus-size models, recently called out a photographer for charging an extra $100 for photography sessions with plus-size models. Mesveskas called the New York-based photographer after she reached out to him to book a photo session.

The email she received shocked her, so she took it to TikTok to elaborate on the situation:


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Although we’ve come a long way in body acceptance and diversity, she reveals that designers still ask for more money to design and create plus-size clothes, supposedly due to the extra fabric required for the process. However, adding an additional charg for plus-size models for photographing is ludicrous!

According to her, the photographer, William Lords, charges extra money for ‘his dissatisfaction of having to look at them on set.’


When confronted about the pricing, however, the photographer defended the practice by saying that the extra $100 charge is to cover the difficulty in sourcing the kind of clothes that plus-size models usually want to wear.

This is what he said (which, in my opinion, even further worsened his positiion):
“Most of them say what they want, and you know what it is? The high-end stuff. They want the stuff that the straight-sized models have…”
“$100 is absolutely nothing compared to what I do for these girls.”

Expectedly, his comments and extra-charge for plus-size models didn’t go down well with fellow social media users, who expressed their disgust and disbelief in the comments.

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