Pics From Massive Hong Kong Protests Show How Disciplined And Respectful These People Are


Numerous protests have rocked the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong recently, after the controversial extradition bill was introduced. The bill allows “suspects” to be taken back to mainland China for questioning, which reopened old grievances.

The city that was handed back to Chinese rule in 1997 hasn’t had an easy relationship with the mainland, and while attempting to keep their special status in a “one country, two systems” agreement, numerous protests have been taking place.

The protests came after the Chinese Communist Party attempted to further impose its will on the city, and it resulted in civil disobedience and pro-democracy protests as part of the “Umbrella Movement” that took place in 2014 and occupied large parts of Hong Kong for 79 days.

Hong Kongers are out on the streets again, and they’re heading in even larger numbers this time.
It is estimated that around 2 million people, or around 25% of the population, have taken it to the streets, and they made their local government and Beijing to rethink their position.

The protests are not wild, though. Oh no. Hong Kongers do things differently. They always show discipline, unity, and respect for their city, and this is what a peaceful protest should look like.

Everyone can learn a thing or two from them, and you can scroll down and check out how they have successfully and respectfully stood up for their civil rights:

Protesters shield themselves from pepper spray used by the police

Student protesters are studying for their exams while protesting

Notes of Remembrance put on a sidewalk outside a luxury mall from which a protester fell yesterday night

And, of course, they clean up the garbage in front of the government