Pope Francis Encourages Women To Protest Law Legalizing Abortions In Argentina


Following a new law that was introduced in Argentina which would decriminalize abortions, Pope Francis encouraged women in Argentina to protest against it, comparing it to ‘hiring a hitman’.

Pope Francis, who comes from Argentina and was a bishop in Buenos Aires before he became the Pope, made the remarks in a letter.
He said that the country is proud to have women like the protesters, and encouraged them to keep fighting against the new law that decriminalizes abortion.

The women protesters wrote to the Pope a week ago that they first organized a protest back in 2018 when the abortion legislation was introduced to parliament, and the same debate was reignited last week when President Alberto Fernandez presented a bill that would make abortions legal, safe, and free for women in Argentina.

The women claimed that their voices are being ignored, and called for Pope Francis to help them.

This is what Pope Francis wrote in his handwritten response:

‘The problem of abortion is not primarily a question of religion, but of human ethics, first and foremost of any religious denomination.

‘It is good to ask two questions: Is it fair to eliminate a human life to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a hitman to solve a problem,’

According to President Fernandez, such a bill would save countless lives by preventing women from resorting to unsafe and illegal procedures.