Powerful And Intimate Photos To Pay Silent Tribute To Labor Nurses


We recently shared a photo of a nurse helping a postpartum woman use the bathroom after she had just given birth, and the photo had gone extremely popular on social media for a good reason. It caused women all around the world to realize just how much we should be thankful to nurses for being with us during one of the most important milestones in our lives.

This is the powerful photo that started it all, and it was taken by photographer Katie Lacer from MommaKTShoots.

The image was shared by Jill Krause on the blog Baby Rabies, and she wrote a powerful message in the description.

Lacer, however, has been the photographer of a number of childbirths, and she made a portfolio that perfectly shows just how nurses are there for women when they need them the most: in their most intimate and often scary times.