Powerful Photo Of Homeless Mom Playing With Her Son Won The Internet’s Heart


Commuters that were leaving from work in Parañaque, the Philippines, never expected to see the eye-opening scene they witnessed.

A woman who appeared to be homeless laid on a mattress under a bridge and played with her son as the cars passed by them.
One of the commuters, Ameniel Del Mundo, spotted the heartwarming scene, and he later posted a photo of the mother and her son on Facebook as he was moved by what he saw.

The photo gained more than 23k shares, and thousands of people were touched by it.

He told in an interview with INQUIRER that he saw the mother and the son playing happily in the middle of a heavy traffic while he was complaining about his day in his car, and it instantly reminded him how lucky he was compared to the homeless mother and child. However, he was not as grateful and happy as the two were, even though they were on the streets.

Maybe we can’t choose the circumstances that happen to us, but we can choose to be happy whatever the situation.

Check out his post below: