Pregnant Dad Reveals What It’s Like Giving Birth As a Transgender


Dorian, 24, from Glastonbury, Somerset, who was born a woman but identifies as male, fell pregnant with the assistance of a sperm donor, but says he has been left with body dysmorphia after his breasts grew larger and he developed a baby bump.

He was supported by his husband Alex – who also identifies as a transgender male – as they prepared to welcome their baby son, Julian.

Dorian, who came out as transgender five years ago, explains how he felt about his appearance in the BBC Three documentary Pregnant Dad.

Speaking on the show during his pregnancy, he says: ‘I am proud of my bump because there’s a baby, but I am just really repulsed by my body at the moment.

‘So that’s why I have been wearing baggy things to hide it as long as possible. I don’t like the effect it is having on me in general.’

‘I pop him on and then cover up with a scarf like I would outside. I just let him get on with it really, it’s how I am dealing with it,’ he says.

‘It is very very weird. When I visualise that part of my body I find a picture of it very fuzzy, now there is actually a reason for them being there, which takes the edge off a little bit,’ he explains.

Dorian had hoped to have a home birth to avoid being misgendered and help with his dysphoria, but due to complications had to be rushed into hospital.

After the birth Dorian and Alex encountered even more problems when they came to register their son.

As neither of them had legally changed their gender and because Dorian had given birth he had to be listed as Julian’s mother, and Alex as his second mother.