Pregnant Kat Von D Says She’s Anti-Vaccine, People Aren’t Pleased


Kat Von D says she plans to raise ‘a vegan child without vaccinations’

In a lengthy Instagram post, renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D says she’s anti-vaccine. Von D, who recently announced her first pregnancy, says she won’t be vaccinating her baby.

In her post, Von D says she knew when announcing her pregnancy she assumed she’d be “bombarded with unsolicited advice” — as many famous people are, when they share snippets of their personal lives on social media. “I also was prepared for the backlash and criticism we would get if we decided to be open about our personal approach to our pregnancy,” she writes.

While there are certainly a good deal of trolls who shame moms no matter what they do, and there are scores of people with an irrational hatred of veganism, most of Kat Von D’s criticism came from the choice to not vaccinate her child.

Luckily, if Kat is really doing the research she’s claiming, there’s still time for her to change her mind before giving birth.