Pregnant Mom Accused of Being Lazy And Not Performing Her “Wife Duties” Even Though She Has a 12-Hour Job


Speaking about the weight of the world resting on your shoulders. That’s exactly how this pregnant mom feels after working 12 hours each day and taking care of her lazya** husband. The husband had the audacity to complain that she is not performing her “wife duties” because she doesn’t spend enough time home.

“My husband complained to my mom today that I’m too lazy. That I haven’t cooked a proper meal in a week and I only cook easy quick meals. I’m working a 12 hour job while pregnant and he’s working from home. My job is also a 2hour drive from the house. I’m away 14 hours a day overworking myself while he does nothing to help around the house and the few times he does help he rubs it on my face while calling me lazy and complaining to my mom and his mom.”


To make things worse even the rest of the family also accused her of being in the wrong, including a close friend. It blows my mind that someone can blame a pregnant mom that works 12 hours per day for not cooking for her husband daily or cleaning after another adult that’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

To make things worse even her mother and mother in law want her to be a ”better wife” to her husband. The only support she has is from her sister that unfortunately lives far away.

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