Pregnant Mom Scared By Her Own “Devil Baby” Revealed At Scan


Even though most parents think that their baby is cute, one mom declared that her baby is a “f. creep” after going for her 24-week scan.

Even though this seems extremely harsh for a mom to describe her unborn child, the scan is really something out of the ordinary.

Iyanna Carrington, from Virginia, U.S.A wanted to find if her baby is going to be a boy or a girl, but was shocked when the baby flashed her a “sinister grin”.

The 17-year-old mom-to-be said that she has never seen anything like it, and that she loves the “devil baby” so much already.

Iyanna said that the baby looked like a ghost when she was looking right at her, but the doctor said that it’s very normal.

The mom-to-be shared the scan on Facebook, and described her daughter-to-be as a “f. creep”.
Many people refused to believe the scan was real, but Iyanna confirms that it is, in fact, the real photo of the scan.
She and dad Raleek believe that the baby is beautiful, and even though they were scared a bit at first, they eventually had a good laugh at the scan.