Pregnant Wife Asks Husband Not To Drink Alcohol On Their Upcoming Trip, So He Cancels It


Needles to say, too much drinking is one of the main reasons for marital and family quarrels. Alcohol in all its forms has broken so many homes. People who misuse tend to ignore their children, cause problems and often blow the family budget. Not to mention impairing the wellbeing and happiness of the people they love. Of course the drinking itself is not the real issue here, but the people who use/abuse it. Seeking family therapy and going into rehab can help.

One couple have a baby on its way, so understandably the mom-to-be made a decision to stop drinking immediately and they also agreed that her husband should support her by not drinking as well.

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As we can see he hoped that his wife would cut him so some slack, but she was having none of it. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement the man decides to cancel the trip, thinking it’s not worth the effort and money.


Sadly there are a lot of people who think that without a glass or two the whole going on a holiday thing is totally meaningless, thus not worthy of spending money. He suggested going somewhere closer, but she was already set on it so a big quarrel was practically unavoidable.

As always people had different opinions, many wondering why the OP can’t simply enjoy life without drinking. It’s nice to see that he also agreed with this point of view.

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