Pregnant Woman Accused Of “Making Up” Pains And Aches By Infertile Family


Fertility is one of those topics that rarely gets brought up in family or friend gatherings, and a lot of people feel personally offended when someone else tells them whether they should or shouldn’t or can’t have a baby.
However, when one family member is pregnant, and the rest of the family had all trouble conceiving, it’s pretty obvious that someone’s feelings are going to get hurt.

Reddit user u/toooldforthissta recently decided to ask fellow Redditors on the AITA subreddit if she was in the wrong for losing her temper on multiple judgemental women over pregnancy. You see, she wrote that she is now pregnant, and she was adopted. However, pretty much everyone in her extended adoptive family was unable to conceive, and she writes that she’s the first woman in two generations to have a pregnancy in living memory.

The drama came when she, naturally, complained about the stressful effects of pregnancy, and her family’s unwillingness to listen to her complains.
They even accused her of “milking” her pregnancy, so she lost her temper and got angry at them. Check out the story for yourself below:

Even though some people noted that she was not in the wrong in this situation, because pregnancy can be straight-up BRUTAL at times, most people agreed that both sides are in the wrong in the situation.
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