Pro-Choice Men Share How Ending Pregnancy Saved Their Lives


And while the rest of the world is arguing these days whether the ending of Game of Thrones was satisfying or not, lawmakers in several U.S. states are working night and day to take away women’s rights and overturn Roe V. Wade.

Women across the country are, of course, outraged at the decision, and we’re definitely not shy about it!

And even though the opinions of women are the most relevant here (because, you know, it’s our bodies who are being threatened), we definitely need men to stand by our sides for something as big as this. And no, we don’t need them to monopolize the conversation and explain our bodies to us, but to acknowledge that they also benefit from having a choice.

Thankfully, there are such men, and writer Carvell Wallace decided to step up and share the story about how his own life was saved by ending a pregnancy. This is the thread he shared:

Following his example, other men decided to share their own stories as well: