Race Catcalls



Author (and photo credit): Sophie Sandberg

Catcalling is an intersectional issue that affects women of color differently than white women. Here are a few examples of racist street harassment.

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

“As an American-born woman of Chinese ethnicity, I’ve had to endure this label endlessly. There is a privilege to walking the streets with anonymity; with being able to actively claim your identity rather than have it thrust upon you. Over time, the comments that single you out for where you seem to be “really from” wear at your sense of belonging in this country. Then there are the times when it gets worse; in Nicaragua, I once had to walk through a gauntlet of men sitting on the sidewalk grabbing at my arms. “China, China, China,” they said. This is when what’s seemingly harmless becomes immediately physically threatening.”

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

“I look Mexican bc I’m Asian so this man took it upon himself today to refer to me as ‘hey Mexico’ and as I ignored him he chased after me and was like ‘fuck mexico, fuck you mexico that’s right I said it’ and threatened to hurt me”

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC
Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

More about Sophie Sandberg and her Catcalls of NYC can be found here:  www.catcallsofnyc.com

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