Raise Your Standards And Don’t Settle For Average Man, Woman Lists The Things Her Fiance Does To Make Her Happy


Image source: TikTok/@rosesmaddox

“What is something a man has done for you that made you realize you’ve been accepting and expecting way too little from men?” I’m sure many women have asked themselves the same thing, but one gave us an answer that makes a perfect sense. Rose is a spin class teacher that recently got engaged to a man name Drake who found a way to make her happiness a priority and their story sparked a lot of discussion on settling for average partners.

“I’ve been with my fiancé since I was 15. I’m 22 now and we got engaged in May,” Rose says in the video. “Here are some of the things he does that made me want to marry him.” She added that he supports her career and cheers her up when her day goes south. Rose said she realized he was the one when he exchanged cars with her just so she could listen to music and have air conditioning while commuting to work. “I used to drive an old Hyundai Sante Fe with no heating, no air, and no music and he would let me drive his car to work and he would take mine to his work so I could listen to music and have air conditioning since my drive was two minutes longer,” she said.


Drake is always looking out for her and even his smallest gestures say a lot about their relationship. For example if she is having a bad day, he always brings her flowers or something else when he gets home from work. When he sees what she did around the house he always says something like “Thank you for doing that.”

Her video gained a lot of popularity on TikTok and since it has been viewed by more than 12 million people.

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