Report Says Stay-At-Home Moms Are Worth Over $178k a Year


There’s a common misconception that stay-at-home parents, usually, moms, live an easy life and don’t earn a dime.

However, just because someone has decided to stay at home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t do anything and have a spa all day every day.

SAHM put in a huge amount of work every day, as it’s not easy to run a household – especially when considering that it’s an unpaid labor that often gets underestimated. Well, a recent report has finally managed to calculate the monetary value of the work stay-at-home parents put in, and it might surprise you!

According to, the pay a stay-at-home mom would get if her efforts were treated like other jobs would be close to $178,201 a year! Yes, you read that right!
This is what the report stated:

“This year’s study gave consideration to traditional roles – like a housekeeper, dietitian, and daycare teacher – and newer roles – like network administrator, social media communications, and recreational therapist.”


Even though the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine put even more burdensome to stay-at-home moms and wreaked havoc on the job market, household work is still considered a woman’s job, and it’s often underappreciated.

What’s devastating is that almost 45 percent of moms with school-age children in the US were not actively working last April, as they were either on paid or unpaid leave until they lost their job.

Source: Upworthy