Republican Congress Candidate Tries To Insult Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Intelligence


House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has just delivered a very swift burn to the Republicans running for Congress after one of them insulted her intelligence.
Marjorie Taylor Greene run for Georgia’s 14th district and she describes herself as being “100% pro-life and pro-Trump”, and she took it to Twitter to insult Ocasio-Cortez. This is what she wrote:

AOC couldn’t just hold back and listen to this b-s, so she responded by pointing out the spelling error Greene made.
She wrote that Mrs. Greene seems to have trouble spelling her own insults correctly, and she corrected her use of the word ‘single-handedly’.

Greene thought that she’ll get away by writing that ‘no one cares about typos’, and she offended AOC once again by saying her Marxist GND will destroy millions of jobs.

AOC didn’t waste any more time responding to this nonsense, as this isn’t the first time that some Republican has tried to offend her.

Even Trump himself said during an interview that AOC was a ‘poor student’ and ‘she’s not even a smart person’. Well, I think she’s proven her intelligence many times, and I really hope she will become the President of the United States one day!