Right-Wing Conservative Who Predicted 50-State Trump Victory Says Feminism Is The Reason He’s Single


Tim Pool is one of the characters that gained some popularity on the internet during Donald Trump’s presidency. A resurfaced video of Pool has been circulating across social media recently, and it’s mostly because of his claim that he can’t find a wife because of feminism. Although it’s completely understandable if you haven’t heard of Tim Pool, because most people haven’t, he’s somewhat of a self-proclaimed celebrity among Donald Trump supporters and MAGA supporters.

As expected, Pool has gained popularity for spouting endless right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories. For example, he recently predicted that Donald Trump will win in 50 states. Yeah, we all know how that ended. However, one of his favorite subjects is feminism, and you probably feel it already that he’s very against it, of course.

This poor salty boy recently had an episode on his show called ‘Feminist politics has made dating nearly impossible’. In the episode, Pool lamented that he still doesn’t have a family, at the age of 33, and his father already had two kids by the time he was 27. However, he firmly believes that the problem is definitely not him – but everybody else.

Twitter user @CopingMAGA managed to find the clip, and they recently resurfaced it on the internet. And what a clip it is!

Pool actually believes that women don’t like him because they’re feminists. Yes, Tim Pool is still single – if anyone’s wondering.

Check out the video for yourself below. The memes write themselves…