A Right-Wing News Site Just Smeared Malia Obama. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is AWESOME


Chelsea Clinton is coming to Malia Obama’s defense amid what appears to be a false report in Globe Magazine claiming the 19-year-old has been questioned in an FBI probe.

In response, Clinton took to social media, tweeting a link to a Shareblue Media article with the headline: “Trump’s tabloid crony shamefully fabricates disgusting smear attacking Malia Obama.”

The article claims Globe’s allegation about the former first daughter is “thinly sourced” but was published anyway.

Globe is owned by American Media — the same organization that publishes the National Enquirer — and is led by David J. Pecker, a friend of President Trump.

In her tweet, Clinton wrote: “Loathsome. Just loathsome. Please leave Malia alone to lead her own life & keep her out of your (shameful) agenda!”

The Globe’s cover story claims the FBI is interested in Malia’s time interning for the Weinstein Company before going on to state that the FBI has not questioned he, but would like to.

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