Rihanna Named a Lipstick Shade PMS – Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle


Ever since Rihanna blessed us with her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, in September, we’ve been keeping our eyes glued to her Instagram page for the details on every new product launch. From the line’s 40 foundation shades to flatter nearly every skin tone out there to the just-dropped Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick collection, Rihanna has been keeping fans and beauty lovers alike in the loop on all her new offerings.

But one follower hit Rih up in the comments section on a recent photo showing off her new lipstick shade called “PMS,” and she responded in the most Rihanna way of all.

Rihanna remained unfazed and all about the promo, because she clapped back by responding to the commenter with simply, “or pms’d.”

Of course, Rih looks flawless in the photo and the comment was entirely unnecessary, but we love seeing her put trolls in their place…while also doing a little hilarious promo for her own brand.

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